Yokota Airport (Yokota Air Base)

Yokota Airport

Introducing Yokota Air Base’s overview, history, representative aircraft, Japan-U.S. Friendship Festival, events, and access information.

About Yokota Airport (Yokota Air Base)

Yokota Airport is an airfield operated by the United States Air Force’s 374th Airlift Wing.
It is used by the US Forces Japan Headquarters, the US 5th Air Force Headquarters, and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.
The site is 7.136 square kilometers, which is about 150 times the size of the Tokyo Dome.
Yokota Air Base occupies one-third of the area of ​​Fussa City, spanning five cities and one town.
The runway is 60m wide, 3,350m long, and 3,950m including overruns.

History of Yokota Air Base

The predecessor of Yokota Air Base was Army Tama Airfield, which was built by the former Japanese Army.
It was used as an airfield for the Imperial Japanese Army in 1940, and has been used as a US military base.
Soldiers, civilian employees, Japanese employees and their families at Yokota Air Base have seen many things happen both on and off base.
And now, at this very moment, Yokota Air Base continues to make history.

During World War II (1940~1945)
Occupation of Japan (1945~1951)
During the Korean War (1950~1953)
Cold War Era (1952~1964)
During Vietnam Conflict (1964~1971)
During the Kanto Plan (1971~1979)
From 1980s

Representative Aircraft (Military aircraft, US military aircraft, Self-Defense Forces aircraft)

・C-130J Super Hercules
・C-12J Huron
・CV-22 Osprey
・RQ-4 Global Hawk
・UH-1N Huey
・MH-60R Sea Hawk
・MH-60S Sea Hawk
・F-15C Eagle
・P-8A Poseidon
・MC-130J Air Commando II
・C-17 Globemaster III
・KC-10 Extender
・C-5M Galaxy
・F-16 Fighting Falcon

US-Japan Friendship Festival

At Yokota Air Base, the Japan-US Friendship Festival is held once a year for two days.
The Japan-U.S. Friendship Festival is an event that celebrates the enduring partnership between the U.S. and Japan and deepen ties between Yokota Air Base and locals.
Some parts of Yokota Air Base are open to the public, and over 100,000 people visit every year for two days.
You can enjoy a variety of performances, such as an aircraft display on the ground, a music band’s stage performance, and a fireworks display that decorates the finale.
At the Japan-U.S. Friendship Festival in 2022, when there were many civilians in the apron, the US presidential plane VC-25, commonly known as “Air Force One” landed and aviation fans were delighted with the surprise.

Tour / Event

Since Yokota Air Base is a military facility, the general public is basically not allowed to enter.
The general public has access to a limited area during events held several times a year.
The event schedule is irregular, so please check the official website for details.
【English】Yokota Air Base



〒197-8503 2552 Fussa, Fussa City, Tokyo
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Phone Number

U.S. Forces Japan Yokota Air Base:374th Airlift Wing Public Relations Department


JASDF Yokota Air Base:Public Relations Office, General Affairs Division, Air Defense Force Headquarters

042-553-6611 (extension:2644)

The Nearest Station

Gate 2 (Main Gate) JR Hachiko Line, about 17 minutes on foot from Higashi-Fussa Station.
Gate 5 (Entrance Gate for Japan-U.S. Friendship Festival) JR Ome Line, about 8 minutes on foot from Ushihama Station.

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