Fussa Baseside Street

Fussa Baseside Street

We will introduce an overview of Fussa Baseside Street, 10 recommended restaurants, and access information.

About Fussa Baseside Street

Fussa Baseside Street is a shopping street on National Route 16 along Yokota Air Base, also known as Yokota Baseside Street.
The shopping street is lined with multinational restaurants, American grocery stores, antique shops, and military shops.
There are stores that accept US dollars, so you can feel like you are walking through the streets of America while in Japan.
Various events are held here, such as the “Free Market” held on the second Sunday of every month, the “Fussa International Fair” where you can purchase foreign food, clothing and general merchandise, and the “Japan-US Friendship Festival” held at Yokota Air Base.
Please check the official website (Latest Topics) for event information and details. (Japanese page only)



〒197-0014 2485 Fussa Ninomiya, Fussa City, Tokyo
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The Nearest Station

JR Hachiko Line Higashi-Fussa Station
JR Ome Line Fussa Station, Ushihama Station
JR Ome Line, Itsukaichi Line, Hachiko Line, Seibu Line Haijima Station
JR Itsukaichi Line Kumagawa Station

10 Recommended Restaurants

Un Quinto Fussa

Un Quinto Fussa is an Italian restaurant run in a detached house refurbished from a US military house.
The popular menu is Italian rice with tomato cheese sauce with herbs and spices.
Homemade pasta and meat sauce,  and lasagna baked with white sauce and cheese are also excellent.
While it is home cooking, it offers the taste of Italy that is faithful to the basics.

〒197-0011 2270 Fussa, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone Number】042-552-6052
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Khao Man Gai Route 16

Khao Man Gai Route 16 is a Thai restaurant with a tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled taxi.
You can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine in a restaurant reminiscent of authentic Thailand.
Popular menus are pad thai, tom yum kung, and gapao rice.
With a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, you can enjoy dinner with friends and partners.

〒197-0011 2270 Fussa, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone Number】042-530-2355
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Cafe de Jardin Route 16

Cafe de Jardin Route 16 is a cafe with a red roof and white walls that creates an American atmosphere.
The showcase near the entrance is lined with a wide variety of sweets, from fresh sweets to baked sweets.
Aiming for sweets that make the most of the natural flavors of the ingredients, a lot of fans come from inside and outside Fussa,
Popular menu items are  “Strawberry Mont Blanc” using top-class strawberries, the “King’s Mont Blanc” topped with chocolate, the “Fuku Roll” with the meaning of good fortune and Fussa,  the ” Sublet Puff” with a crunchy skin filled with cream. 

〒197-0011 2403-14 Fussa, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone Number】042-553-2225
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Tree planting restaurant Aurora

The tree-planting restaurant Aurora features an exterior covered in ivy leaves.
Wooden tables are lined up in the cave-like store, and you can enjoy your meal in a calm atmosphere.
You can spend comfortably not only with friends and family, but also by yourself.
A popular menu item is the lemon cream-simmered chicken with the sweetness of the cream in the scent of fruit.

〒197-0014 2477 Fussa Ninomiya, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone Number】042-539-4139
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Kobe Steakhouse

Kobe Steak House was established in 1972 and known as “a restaurant where meat connoisseurs come”.
NBA superstar Kobe Bryant’s name comes from the fact that Kobe’s father was impressed when he ate steak at Kobe Steakhouse.
The beef is charcoal-grilled to remove excess fat, it has both a soft taste while maintaining its thickness.
The consommé soup made with homemade bouillon made from a lot of beef is as impressive as the taste of a high-end French restaurant.

〒197-0003 1115 Kumagawa, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone Number】042-552-2941
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The Mint Motel

The Mint Motel is a cafe with a gentle mint green exterior and pop interior.
The owner of the American general merchandise antique shop “BIG MAMA” imagines the motel that she used when buying in the United States.
Popular menus include American breakfast, waffles baked in a machine imported directly from the United States, colorful cupcakes, and cream soda.
Surrounded by an American vintage interior, you can enjoy a moment like a scene from an American movie.

〒197-0011 2477 Fussa Ninomiya, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone number】042-513-3317
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Demo de Diner Fussa

Demo de Diner Fussa is an American restaurant featuring traditional North American prefabricated architecture.
The interior of the restaurant is based on the image of an American diner in the 1950s, and has an atmosphere of the American West Coast.
A popular menu item is the American burger, which uses juicy meat and perfectly cooked buns.
There is a wide variety of hamburgers, and once you try them, you will definitely want to come back again.

〒197-0003 1121 Kumagawa, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone Number】042-530-6614
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Blue Seal Fussa

Blue Seal Fussa is an ice cream shop with a large ice cream sign board.
Blue Seal originated in Okinawa Prefecture, and the Blue Seal Fussa store is the first in the Kanto region.
The popular menu is salted Chinsuko flavored ice cream and Shikuwasa flavored sherbet.
In addition, they sell more than 25 types of ice cream, 6 types of soft cream, parfaits and sundaes.

〒197-0011 2475 Fussa, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone Number】042-551-0539
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Hoop is an open cafe with a spacious interior and terrace seats.
The popular menu is the morning set and about 20 types of bagels.
On weekends, the terrace seats are crowded with locals with their pets.
There are many foreign customers, and you can feel like you are in a foreign country while in Japan.

〒197-0011 2475 Fussa, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone Number】042-530-8877
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Nicola is an Italian restaurant that opened in 1961 as Japan’s first pizzeria.
There is a grand piano in the retro and luxurious interior, and you can enjoy your meal while listening to live music performed by musicians during events.
A popular menu item is the plain pizza, which you can choose from 30 different toppings.
With a wide selection of wines, you can also enjoy the marriage of food and wine.

〒197-0011 2402 Fussa, Fussa City, Tokyo
【Phone Number】042-551-0728
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