There are Japanese private rooms where you can feel the warmth of wood in Guesthouse Shubou-Tamajiman.
We have three Japanese rooms equipped with Tatami mats that arenamed MATSU, TSUBAKI and FUJI.
Up to two people can stay in each room.
There is air-conditioning and Wi-Fi in each of the rooms.
For your suitcase or carry bag, Luggage room is available.

Commitment to Comfortable Sleep

Commitment to Comfortable Sleep

The Japanese room is 5.5 – tatami mat size, and has enough space for 2 people to relax.
There are Japanese mattresses for each guest, you can have a rest anytime you like.
A soaring lobby in front of the room brings you a very pleasant morning.

Privacy Consideration

When you check in, we will issue your room PIN number.
You can leave your valuables in the room because the door is opened and closed with the PIN number.
Earplugs and a valuables box are provided outside the room.

Linen and Amemities

We have a face towel, a bath towel, and a bath mat in your room.
Please keep it in your mind that there are no night clothes.
Toothbrush (50 yen), Hair blush (50 yen), Razor (50 yen), Slippers (300 yen) are available, if you need them, please contact staff.

Guesthouse Shubou-Tamajiman