We provide dinner for guests in Restaurant Kitchen & Bar Tanomi.

Opening Hours

MON to SUN 18:00〜22:00 (Last order time 21:00)
※Bar time only on MON



We have a daily menu and mainly Obanzai that is known as home cooking in Kyoto.
Ingredients we are using are grown in the Nature of west Tama area, and You can enjoy tasty foods that go well with Sake.


Sake Tasting Set

Sake Tasting Set

Sake tasting set of 3 types of popular sake in Ishikawa brewery.
・Tamajiman [Junmai Daiginjyo]
・Tamajiman [Junmai Muroka]
・Tamajiman [Kasen Karakuchi]


・Tamajoman [Junmai Daiginjyo]

Tamajoman [Junmai Daiginjyo]

Junmai Daiginjyo has a rich body and gorgious aroma.
We recommend this for people who like sweet sake or sake beginners.

・Tamajiman [Junmai Muroka]

Tamajiman [Junmai Muroka]

Junmai Muroka is a sake that has a mild mouthfeel and tastes rich rice flavor.
This is good for Sake beginners, or for a person who likes sweet sake.

・Tanmajiman [Kasen Karakuchi]

Tanmajiman [Kasen Karakuchi]

Kasen Karakuchi has wide rage of sutable temperature from cold to hot.
We recommend this for a person who likes dry type, or refreshing after taste.

・Tamajiman [Karakuchi Ginjyo]

Tamajiman [Karakuchi Ginjyo]

Karakuchi Ginjyo has a clear taste first, and we can enjoy the afterglow ,too.
We recommend this for a person who likes dry taste or refreshing after taste.

・Tamajiman [Umeshu – Sake with Plums]

Tamajiman [Umeshu - Sake with Plums]

Umeshu is made from domestic plums that have been taken from its hulls one by one, and prepared politely by artisans.
Mixed with water or soda, or on the rock, there are many ways to enjoy the taste. 


・TOKYO BLUES [Single Hop Wheat]

TOKYO BLUES [Single Hop Wheat]

Single Hop Wheat is a craft beer originating from single hop, reminiscent of white wine.
We recommend this for a person who likes a mild mouthfeel, gorgeous rich body and bitter taste.

・TOKYO BLUES [Session Ale]

TOKYO BLUES [Session Ale]

Session Ale is a craft beer that you can enjoy the gorgeous fragrance of Pop from the glass.
We recommend this for a person who likes a rich body and gorgeous fragrance.


・Ginjyo Hai (Myoga – Japanese herb, Lemon)

Ginjyo Hai (Myoga - Japanese herb, Lemon)

 Original cooktail of Shubou-Tamajiman and this is good for Sake beginners.

・Sweet Sake Cooktail (Matcha, Strawberry, Mandarin Orange)

Sweet Sake Cooktail (Matcha, Strawberry, Mandarin Orange)

 Non alcohole cooktail using fruits puree, perfect choice for a person who is not used to the taste of sweet sake.

Soft Drink

・Homemade Lemon Squash
・Gingeer Ale
・Orange Juice
・Coffee (Hot, Ice)
・Black Tea
・Woolong Tea

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