You can enjoy Japanese Food, Sake, Culture
Guesthouse in Fussa, Tokyo


Welcome to Shubou-Tamajiman

Shubou-Tamajiman is a guesthouse in Fussa City built on the premises of Ishikawa Sake Brewery, which has continued since the Edo period.
Both men's and women's capsule bedrooms are equipped with comfortable capsule beds that emphasize privacy.
A Japanese-style private room with the warmth of wood and tatami mats can accommodate up to two people.
"Kitchen & Bar Tanomi" offers lunch with ingredients grown in the great nature of Nishitama.
We also hold events such as "Making raw lotion" and "Making salted rice malt" made from rice malt, which has rich nutrients and enzymes.
We would like you to enjoy Japanese culture that you cannot experience in the city center in a room where you can feel the warmth of wood, a lounge with an atrium and a space where the green garden heals you.
8 minutes by taxi or 20 minutes on foot from JR Haijima Station.
The car park is available for up to 6 cars.
We look forward to welcoming visitors to Tokyo as well as those who live in Fussa City, Tama, and West Tokyo!

1-11 Kumagawa, Fussa City, Tokyo 197-0003
JR Ome Line, Itsukaichi Line, Hachiko Line, Seibu Line
About 8 minutes by taxi or about 20 minutes on foot from Haijima Station

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