Guesthouse Shubou-Tamajiman offers a tent sauna only in the winter.
It is limited to one group per day, you can use it with your family, friends, and lovers without hesitation.
The water bath uses soft water that is gentle on the skin and the water is brewing water from Ishikawa Brewery.
An experience that heals your mind and body in a lush Japanese garden.
After the sauna, please enjoy Ishikawa Sake Brewery’s proud beer and sake.
Reservation by phone (042-513-7448) or by contact form please.

Available Date and Time

15:30〜18:00 on Fridays and Saturdays
※​​​​​​You can check in from 15:00.


Please bring your swimsuit.
Towels and rental ponchos are provided.

Customer Voice

Here are some testimonials from customers who have used the tent sauna.

Mr. Yuto

A 20-minute walk from Haijima Station, next to Ishikawa Sake Brewery, Guest House Shubou-Tamajiman.
Only hotel guests can use the special tent sauna from early autumn to early spring.
This time, I went with a sauna friend (Safure) as a group of four.
You need to bring a swimsuit, but it’s nice that two sets of hand towels and bath towels are included by default, and you can also rent a sauna poncho.
Change into a swimsuit in the guest room and go to the sauna.
The owner’s attention to detail is evident in the fact that the tent sauna is a Russian-made “MORZH” and the sauna stove has a glass window where you can see the firewood burning.
There are a long chair and 2 round chairs in the tent, 4 people is the appropriate number.
A wooden footrest is installed to prevent the feet from getting cold.
That made us say “Well, they know this.”
I sweated while chatting with Safure for about 10 minutes, it’s already time to go outside.
Next to the tent sauna, brewing water is poured into a tank that was used in a sake brewery.
We dived in after rinsing sweat with water.
The temperature is about 14-15 degrees in winter, and the temperature is just right, and the water quality is soft and round, and the water feels like it’s wrapped around you.
When you get out of the water bath, there are 4 infinity chairs lined up in front of you, and wearing a poncho and looking at the Japanese garden in front of you while bathing in the open air, awesome.
You can also order Oropo and craft beer, we ordered beer and got it in a bottle, delicious.
We had a lot of time, so we leisurely entered about 4 sets and finished.
After getting out of the sauna, we took a shower and headed to the dining space.
I ordered a Rice bowl of Yamame river fish sashimi, this is also a nice “Sa-Meshi” that is seasoned with wasabi soy sauce and arranged with the scent of shiso leaves.​​​
It was a fairly high level sauna experience, I will come again.


Reservation by phone (042-513-7448) or by contact form please.

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